Five mysterious UFOs spotted in Hampshire, probe underway (VIDEO)


Mutual UFO Network, the American based non-profit organization is investigating a UFO sighting which recently happened in Basingstoke, Hampshire. According to eyewitness reports, five mysterious lights hovered the sky in a particular formation which caused panic among the residents in the area.

A report published on Express UK narrates the experience of an eyewitness who saw this eerie incident. "I went outside with my workmate to get some materials out of the van and noticed one light slowly move around the back of a building. Then another one appeared from behind the building at a set distance that did not change. Seconds after another three appeared as if they were already there but were not lit up," said the witness whose name is kept under the wraps by Mutual UFO Network.

According to the witness, these lights slowly started swinging around in a formation. The witness tried to get a clearer glimpse of this phenomenon as he climbed up to his roofs, but due to fog, the visibility was blocked. The person who witnessed this creepy visual assures that the lights were not from a helicopter or an aircraft, as there were no flashing lights or noise associated with the sighting.

As per the eyewitness, the bizarre sighting lasted for more than 30 minutes in the sky. However, the witness managed to capture a short video of the incident on camera, and it is now going viral on social media platforms. People who watched this video are very much convinced with the presence of extra-terrestrial life, but UFO expert Nigel Watson is reportedly not very satisfied with the video.

"To me they look like reflections of the lights on the ground below them, or light sources higher up that are not visible due to the misty conditions. In close-up they look like they are moving but from a wider angle it is obviously the movement of the camera is what gives that impression," said Watson, reports Express UK.

This is not the first time that strange lights are being spotted above the skies of Basington, Hampshire. Earlier, on January 01, 2016, many people reported seeing a saucer-like UFO on the skies, but until now, experts were not able to give a convincing explanation for that sighting.

This article was first published on January 14, 2018