Galaxy S8 to offer slow-motion video recording at 1,000fps and sell cheaper than iPhone 8

Galaxy S8 is expected to offer superior camera features than the iPhone 8 at a cheaper price.

Galaxy S8 colour options
Galaxy S8 colour options and availability

Samsung's highly-anticipated flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are expected to be priced cheaper than the iPhone 8 and offer the ability to record a thousand frames per second which is a tad better than Xperia XZ Premium that's rated to capture slo-mo video at 960fps. In other words, the S8 and S8 Plus will be in the price range that falls between Apple's iPhone 7s and the forthcoming iPhone 8 model, according to prolific tipster Evan Blass.

The Galaxy S8's astounding capability of recording slo-mo video at 1000fps is attributed to the bigger DRAM integrated by Samsung engineers into the camera sensor as reported by SamMobile citing a recent Naver report (Chinese).

The unlocked version of the iPhone 8 is estimated to cost over $1,000, while the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be priced around $860 (€799) and $965 (€899) respectively. It must be noted that direct currency conversions are not possible owing to the higher cost of doing business in Europe as opposed to the US, which results in higher pricing of electronics and other consumer goods in Europe.

Some of the factors influencing the higher-pricing strategy in Europe include value-added sales tax, marketing costs and so on. For instance, an unlocked variant of 32GB iPhone 7 costs $649 in the US while the same would cost around €769 ($830) in France.

Both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus would support a number of common features, including onscreen fingerprint sensor, a revamped Home button integrated into the display assembly, wireless charging, iris scanning and more. The iris scanner will feature a 3.7 megapixel RGB camera sensor on the upcoming flagship phones in the Galaxy series. On the display front, however, the S8 Plus sports a larger 6.2in Quad HD screen (3200x1800 pixels) as opposed to the S8 model with 5.8in AMOLED display.

Evan Blass has also leaked a bunch of press renderings depicting the various colour options available for the next-gen Galaxy phone, including Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver.

In related news, Samsung will be launching its powerful new virtual assistant called 'Bixby' on its upcoming flagship Galaxy phones, featuring context awareness and cognitive tolerance.

Samsung is expected to roll out the new Galaxy phones at its forthcoming Unpacked Media event on 29 March wherein the initial product shipments are scheduled for 21 April.

You can tune into the live-streaming event here.

[Source: Evan Blass via Twitter]

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