Galaxy S7 rear camera glass shattering issue reported

Galaxy S7 users flood Samsung forums with reports of unexpectedly cracked rear cameras on their handset.

Galaxy S7 cracked rear camera
Galaxy S7 cracked rear camera

Several Galaxy S7 users have recently been flooding Samsung forums with complaints of cracked rear cameras while the cause of the issue remains a mystery. The reports started to surface online when numerous users noticed a broken rear camera glass without any incidents of impact damage.

Many of the affected users have even clarified that their handsets were protected with cases when the issue occurred.

Considering the large scale production of smartphones from leading companies like Samsung and Apple, it is quite a common scenario to witness some widespread manufacturing defects that could make or break the brand name, especially considering the recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle that warrants strict quality-control measures.

The biggest concern is the cost of replacing these defective parts when the device is out of warranty, especially when the issue seems to be recurring even after several repairs. Each such repair is estimated to cost around $70.

Samsung is in a deep turmoil at a time when it's desperately looking to recover lost ground with the impending launch of Galaxy S8 while a Seattle law firm Keller Rohrbach is keen to file a lawsuit against Samsung in the wake of its unending product debacles.

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