'Jet Black' Galaxy S7 Edge leaks in full images

Freshly leaked images of 'Jet Black' Galaxy S7 Edge surface online via Chinese micro-blogging site, Weibo.

'Jet Black' Galaxy S7 Edge
'Jet Black' Galaxy S7 Edge leaks in full images Weibo

Weibo, the popular Chinese micro-blogging site, has recently leaked some full-sized images of the highly-rumoured 'Jet Black' Galaxy S7 Edge. The new variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge features an all-black design that substitutes the silver banding from earlier models with a shiny black colour.

Jet Black Galaxy S7 Edge

The Jet Black Galaxy S7 Edge is touted to be the sole competitor to Apple's Jet Black iPhones, which show off a stunningly beautiful finish and stealthy look in the absence of shady-colour hints.

The Jet Black variant will likely replace the Onyx Black Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which come with silver banding around their body contours.

Following the ill-fated demise of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung seems too keen on drawing its fans to the Galaxy S7 Edge with an appealing design and striking shiny black looks. The S7 Edge will be the perfect substitute for all those Note 7 users looking for a decent upgrade option.

Jet Black Galaxy S7 Edge

Existing owners of Onyx Black Galaxy S7 might be tempted to trade-off their phones for the new Jet Black variant at a premium price. However, the decision would depend on the individual's choice of colour and the purchasing power, as there are no hardware specification differences among the two variants of S7.

[Source: Weibo]