Galaxy Note 7 recall imminent following battery explosions

Samsung is expected to formally announce recall of its flagship phablet in the next few days.

Following reports of Samsung's plans to delay shipments for the Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding battery issues, various sources now suggest the company is expected to formally announce the worldwide recall of its flagship phablet in the next few days.

The company is currently investigating the various complaints lodged by its users regarding the Note 7 battery explosions. The company has now ascertained that some Note 7 units are shipped with faulty batteries and the explosion usually occurs while charging the unit.

Meanwhile, a company spokesperson has confirmed to Yonhap News Agency that less than 0.1% of the total units sold have a faulty battery. Samsung could, however, be forced to recall all the units as it is both tedious and unfeasible to segregate the ones with faulty battery from the others.

The report also confirms that the company is still in discussion with dealers across the globe including the Verizon Wireless in the US and hence the formal announcement could be pending until second week of September.

Considering Apple's iPhone 7 launch coming up this week, Samsung could be forced to clear up the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue at short notice or face the risk of losing potential buyers to Apple's next-gen iPhone.

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