Samsung delays Galaxy Note 7 shipments over exploding units

Potential Note 7 buyers could opt for an iPhone 7 following reports of explosions with the Galaxy phone.

Samsung has delayed the shipments for its flagship Galaxy Note 7, following various reports of the phone exploding in South Korea and other parts of the world. This comes as a shocker to avid Galaxy fans as the device was touted to be the iPhone 7 killer, given its impressive specifications.

Given the massive demand for its flagship Note device, Samsung has already amped up the production numbers for increasing the supply. However, due to rising safety concerns over reports of the galaxy smartphone explosions across the globe, the company has been forced to put the Note 7 under additional quality-testing procedures.

It is not yet known if the explosions occurred due to inherent manufacturing defect or some external factors. Nevertheless, Samsung has decided to withhold the Note 7 shipments until the device has been thoroughly tested and cleared by the quality control team.

Samsung confirmed the delay with Galaxy Note 7 shipments over quality control measures in a recent statement to Reuters. The company, however, did not specify what components of the phone are being tested or the countries/regions where the shipments will be delayed.

It is ascertained that the USB Type-C port could be the cause of explosions with the Galaxy device as several other OEMs have confirmed issues with it.

With Apple all set to unveil the iPhone 7 on 7 September, Samsung will be hurting badly over the inevitable loss of sales with Note 7 following the shipment delays in the current scenario. In addition, reports of exploding Note 7 units could discourage potential buyers and force them to look for alternatives.

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