Gabbi Tuft, EX-WWE Superstar and Transgender, Shares What It Feels Like Being a 'Sexy Woman'

Gabbi Tuft, also known as Gabbi Alon Tuft or Tyler Reks, is an inspiration to all transgenders. The ex-WWE superstar, who recently came out as a transgender woman, is making heads turn with her new looks on social media platforms. Gabbi, who claimed she was marked with questions regarding sexuality during adolescence, has shared her experience of being out in the open as a transgender woman. In her latest Instagram post, Gabbi revealed that she was asked about what's her favorite part of now being a woman.

"Like the first time I went shopping for elegant dresses and outfits for wear for interviews and then trying them on and crying because it was the first time I felt like a 'lady'," said Gabbi, adding how a smile ignited on her face when a gentleman opened the door for her while she was walking out of a restaurant.

She expressed that she feels great when somebody approaches her for a conversation or complimented her makeup. Gabbi's new transition has given her the freedom to experience riding her motorcycle in tiny shorts, which she was quite curious to know what it felt like to look "sexy" outdoors.

Gabbi Tuft
Gabbi Tuft shares her experience of being a 'woman' Instagram

"My first time noticing my natural breasts were starting to grow, the physical pain associated with that (they are extremely sore to the touch) and being grateful to tears because it's a huge milestone for me in my transition," said Gabbi Tuft, who recently shared a video in which she cooks a special recipe she created herself. Gabbi calls it "TexMex Vegetable Medley." She also added a caption to her cooking video post which read, "Cooking with Gabbi! Live from the kitchen!"

Fans across Instagram lauded her recent transition. While one of her loyal fans spoke of her uniqueness, the others expressed their love and support to the newly transformed woman. "You are SO unique to this world!!!!!! Keep inspiring the people!!!! I love you so much sweetheart," write a fan on Instagram.

Gabbi Tuft's And Priscilla Tuft

Unlike many families, Gabbi's has accepted her as the person she is. Earlier, Gabbi said that her loving wife and family have already accepted her for who she is. She said that she is forever grateful to them for supporting along the way. Gabbi has been married to Priscilla Tuft for over two decades. They tied the knot in July 2002 and shares a daughter 'Mia' who was born in November.

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