G-Dragon owns iconic 'Goblin' ring, Singer is reincarnation of Sunny from Goblin?

The old picture of G-Dragon wearing the iconic ring gained traction after it resurfaced, last month

Goblin Sword
A scene from 'Goblin' episode 13. youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

The craze around the recently-ended drama 'Goblin' is refusing to die down. Now, G-Dragon has become the reason for a new social media frenzy after fans noticed him wearing the iconic "Goblin" ring in an old photo that belonged to Kim Sun, Goblin's sister.

The old picture of G-Dragon wearing the iconic ring gained traction after it resurfaced last month. According to Koreaboo, the 28-year-old singer wore the popular ring when he appeared on V Live in September, last year, three months before "Goblin" aired on tvN first.

In the drama, the ring plays an important role as it traces back on the love story between the Grim Reaper and Sunny in their past lives as the Goryeo King Wang Yeo and his bride Kim Sun. The story of the couple ends tragically while the iconic ring reunites their reincarnated selves.

When fans saw G-Dragon wearing the ring, fans started wondering if he is goblin Kim Shin's reincarnated sister. However, the ring G-Dragon was spotted wearing was not of the exact same design, but was different.

In other news, G-Dragon mimiced the "Goblin" character Kim Shin and posted the photo of himself on his Instagram account with a fake sword and pretended that it is stuck on his chest just like that of the Goblin in the drama. G-Dragon captioned the picture writing, "Somebody gets my sword...please be my bride."

The fans really liked the approach of the idol and volunteered to be the bride of the Goblin by commenting, "Yes, I'm on my way. I'll pull it out for you." While another wrote, "Your bride is right here." "I'm here. But I can't do that, because if I do that you will go and leave alone," wrote another fan.

This article was first published on February 8, 2017