Future of advanced warfare: UK unveils its military robot program

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The United Kingdom has successfully tested an arsenal of military robots that is expected to give the country an upper hand on battlefields.

The advanced artificial intelligence technology named Sapient is capable to scan battlefields and identify hidden enemies in the war zone. The artificial intelligent bots will also send signals to the soldiers on the ground that will help them to move safely and freely.

Robotic soldiers: A revolutionary addition to UK military

The British Ministry of Defence revealed that the military robots will be a revolutionary addition to the country's defence capabilities. With the help of these robots powered by artificial intelligence, the United Kingdom military hope to reduce human errors during military operations.

After the successful testing in the streets of Montreal, Canada, Stuart Andrew, the Defence Minister of the United Kingdom said that these new British robot soldiers will act as anonymous eyes in the battlefield.

"This British system can act as autonomous eyes in the urban battlefield. This technology can scan streets for enemy movements so troops can be ready for combat with quicker, more reliable information on attackers hiding around the corner. Investing millions in advanced technology like this will give us the edge in future battles," said Stuart Andrew, Telegraph.co.uk reports.

Britain quadrupling the number of cyber specialists

With advancements in military force, Britain is slowly emerging as one of the strongest military powers in the world. Last week, it was reported that Britain has built advanced cyber weapons to combat the activities of ISIS. Through this move, the United Kingdom aims to block information access to terrorists.

The cyber attack also aims to disrupt the cash transactions made by the ISIS. Britain is also apparently planning to quadruple the number of cyber specialists in their force. Recent media reports also hint that the country is all set to pour in hundreds of millions of pounds to elevate the strength of cyber force.

This article was first published on September 24, 2018
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