Furious Over Fox News, Trump Mistypes 'Stollen' in Latest Rant on Truth Social; Gets Trolled for Typo

Former US President Donald Trump was trolled on social media after he misspelled 'stolen' as "stollen" during his latest rant on his own social media app, Truth Social.

Stollen, a seasonal treat which originated in Saxon, is a fruit bread filled with nuts, spices, and sugar. The pastry is regular part of traditional German Christmas celebrations.

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump Twitter

Trump Lashes Out at Fox News

In the latest, Trump was lashing out at Fox News for treating him "badly" and being brutal. " Fox news treats "TRUMP" every bit as badly as they did in 2015, before I later won the Election. Fox was brutal then, and not too good now," Trump wrote in the post.

"This lightweight failure in the Obama administration, Fox News contributor Marie Harf, is allowed to say anything she wants, without rebuttal-and others likewise. I beat Crooked Hillary Clinton and then beat Biden by much more," he went on.

"Fox is afraid to say what REALLY happened in that farce of an election- IT WAS RIGGED AND STOLLEN. Get tough Republicans!!!" the rant ended.

"Stollen" Trends on Social Media

Trump's Truth Social post was shared on multiple platforms leading to a massive trolling of the former President.

Author Stephen King tweeted, "Trump writes that the election was stollen," with a laughing emoji.

"Trump claiming the election was stollen tells me everything I need to know about him. The man's a goddamn fruitcake," tweeted a user.

"Stollen." Was Trump an English major at his own university?" wrote another.

"After Trump was kicked off Twitter, we very rarely see any vocabulary malfunctions, but when we do, they do signal that the adults have abandoned Trump in Mar-A-Lago and he is sending his ranting messages on Truth Socialist typing them himself - and is angry :-)" read a tweet.

"Trump writes that the election was "stollen." Stollen: - noun - a rich German fruit and nut loaf. Trump: - clown- a rich American fascist and nut loaf #MAGAMORONS #GOP Marjorie Kevin Sorbo Don Jr" expressed a user.

"My late grandmother would make stollen from scratch for Christmas. Lightly toasted, it was heavenly. Another lovely memory besmirched by Trump's derangement," wrote a user.