Furious Monkeys Kill 250 DOGS in Revenge Attack by Throwing Them From Height in an Indian Village

In a bizarre incident, monkeys in an Indian village dragged dogs to the top of buildings and threw them to their deaths.

In a bizarre act of vengeance, monkeys have killed an entire population of 250 dogs in the Indian villages of Majalgaon and Lavul of Maharashtra. According to Indian news site News18, the monkeys, acting out of revenge, dragged the dogs to the top of the buildings and dropped them, after one of the puppies killed one of the monkeys' infants.

Not only dogs but the residents of the village are also the target of the said 'animal violence' after a group of puppies killed an infant monkey. Around 250 dogs have been reported to be killed by the enraged monkeys so far. According to News18, not a single puppy is left in Lavul village. Not only this but school children are also being chased and attacked by the rampant monkeys.

Villagers reported that monkeys tend to grab the dogs as soon as setting eyes on them before taking them up to the top of a building or a tree and dropping them to their deaths. Pictures of monkeys clutching and ferrying dogs to a high place have confirmed the bizarre occurrence.

Monkeys in Indian villages of Majalgaon and Lavul killed 250 dogs
Monkeys in Indian villages of Majalgaon and Lavul killed 250 dogs Screen grab - News18

What sparked the 'revenge attack'?

Separate footage also surfaced which showed dogs chasing monkeys throughout the village as locals ran for safety. The dogs were reportedly trying to save a child from the monkeys. The said incident is said to have sparked the revenge attack on dogs.

Footage showed a dog chasing a monkey
Footage showed a dog chasing a monkey Screen grab - News18

The Forest Department was contacted by the residents of the villages requesting them to catch the killer monkeys. When the officers reached the village, they were unable to catch even a single monkey, News18 reported. After the officials failed the task of saving the dogs, the villagers took it upon themselves to do so.

Monkeys are attacking young children

However, when the villagers set on saving the dogs, the monkeys fought back. Even some men reported falling to their deaths from high places in a bid to save the dogs that had been dragged there. In a rather alarming situation, after the dogs, the monkeys are reportedly going after young children in the same manner creating panic amongst the villagers. In one reported incident, monkeys grabbed and dragged an 8-year-old and villagers had to throw stones at them to scare them off.