Instagram Model Faints During Midair Sex Due to Extreme Turbulence at 5,000 Feet

An Instagram model narrated a bizarre tale of her sexcapade adventure on a flight.

A Florida-based Instagram model had a bizarre experience while attempting to join the 'mile-high' club. Camila Elle, 22, passed out mid-sex when her flight experienced extreme turbulence at 5000 ft height. The model, who has a huge following of 467k on TikTok revealed her odd experience on December 10.

According to the New York Post, the model said that while on a vacation in Las Vegas this past summer, she and her boyfriend decided to engage in the adventurous sexcapade on flight and tick it off their bucket list. "I've always wanted to join the mile high club but unless you're in first or business class on a passenger plane it always seems quite tricky and a bit gross," the model said.

Elle and her boyfriend then found a company in Las Vegas that operates a small private plane that especially offers services to couples looking to join the 'mile-high' club.

Camila Elle
Camila Elle Instagram/Camila Elle

'The air conditioning in the plane had broken'

Elle and her boyfriend got a little drunk before their flight. The pilot was the only person onboard apart from the couple. The model then explained that the temperature outside was very hot with little to no difference inside the aircraft. She said that the air-conditioning in the plane had broken as a result of which she and her boyfriend, both started sweating like crazy once the door shut.

'There was just a fabric curtain between us and the pilot'

The model further described her plight that the plane was not spacious at all, that there was only enough space for a mattress. "There was just a fabric curtain between us and the pilot. He wore noise-canceling headphones but as we got going I'm positive he could feel all of the movements," she said.
The effect of alcohol, along with extremely hot temperatures combined with turbulence at the height of 5000 ft resulted in the model losing consciousness in the midst of having sex. "One minute we were going for it and I came so hard and then fainted underneath my boyfriend," she said. She then explained that her boyfriend had a hard time waking her up after she fainted. The model didn't sustain any serious injuries and expressed her desire to try 'it' again sometime.