Fully Capable Men Flee Afghanistan, Not Bothering to Fight Taliban: Tomi Lahren

A right-wing Fox News commentator, Tomi Lahren, came down hard on the Biden administration for pulling out of Afghanistan without a plan in hand and creating a cesspool despite spending 20 years and trillions of dollars in the war-torn region.

Scenes of Afghan men desperately trying to flee the country after Taliban takeover were splashed all over the news and showed two men falling from the plane as they tried to cling to it as stowaways and fell to their death.

Tomi Lahren In Donald Trump Merchandise Tshirt
Instagram grab / Tomi Lahren

Tomi came down hard on those who tried to flee at the first sight of danger and said that ''fully capable men'' deciding to ''run away'' instead of fighting to protect their own country from the Taliban is shameful.

Replying to a latest tweet of Donald Trump Jr, where he posted a video poking fun at Afghan soldiers physical fitness and training methods to fight Taliban, Tomi said, ''What's worse is they RUN AWAY & don't even attempt to protect & defend their OWN country. They wait for Big Daddy America to fund & fight their battles. ENOUGH! Get Americans out safely & stop trying to spread democracy to a country that isn't ready for it & likely never will be!''

Tomi, in a series of tweets, repeatedly hit out at Afghan's trying to flee and said, ''They either aren't ready for democracy or they don't want it. They run away instead of fighting for their country. It's not our war to fight. We've done ENOUGH!''

The right-winger also urged the Biden administration to do all they can to bring back stranded Americans from the war-torn region and said that the U.S must not babysit them anymore.

''Get Americans out quickly and safely, enough coddling these nations whose fully capable men run away at the first sight of danger. We are not the world's babysitter! America First.''

A total of about 640 refugees have made it out of Kabul after boarding the flight in a desperate attempt to flee the country and the massive aircraft is now stationed at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware after a brief landing in Qatar, reports state.

Many right-wing commentators slammed the US government for not allowing Cubans trying to flee the socialist regime but allowed Afghans board a plane out of the country, fully funded and operated by the US military.