Fugitive "Bad Breath Rapist" Captured in California After 17 Years on the Run

Lee was living in a multi-million-dollar home with a false identity

Teun Kit Lee, 55, a Massachusetts fugitive who fled during his 2007 rape trial and was convicted in absentia, has been captured after living under a false identity for over a decade in California.

Nicknamed the "bad breath rapist" by the Massachusetts State Police, Lee was apprehended in Danville, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. Authorities discovered he had been living in a multimillion-dollar home in the nearby village of Diablo with a woman who was unaware of his criminal past.

Teun Kit lee

Lee had been evading capture since disappearing from Quincy, Massachusetts, just before the final arguments of his trial. After initially fleeing to New York, he relocated to San Francisco, where he met the woman who lived with him for the next 10 years. U.S. Marshals Service senior inspector Chris Tamayo revealed that Lee avoided detection by ensuring that her name appeared on all assets and identification.

The breakthrough came when police pulled over Lee and the woman on Tuesday. Initially, Lee provided a fake identity but eventually revealed his true name under pressure. Fingerprints confirmed he was Teun Kit Lee. The woman, a flower shop owner, was reportedly shocked by his revelation. "It can't be him. He's a good man," she said, breaking into tears when shown a wanted poster with his photographs.

Captain Daniel Guarente of the Quincy Police Department informed ABC that detectives suspected Lee was in California and possibly in touch with relatives. This led to a focused search in Diablo, resulting in Lee's arrest after surveillance of the residence and car. Lee had no identification on him at the time and gave the name Randy Lee.

Lee's criminal activities date back to February 2, 2005, when he was identified as the masked burglar who broke into a waitress's home in Quincy, Massachusetts. He sexually assaulted her, zip-tied her to a bed, and held her at knifepoint. The victim identified Lee by his distinct foul breath, and DNA evidence confirmed his identity. After being released on a $100,000 cash bond, Lee disappeared before his trial concluded.

Despite his absence, a jury convicted Lee of several charges, including four counts of aggravated rape, abduction, and indecent assault and battery. These charges carry a potential life sentence. Lee's former lawyer, Philip A. Tracy Jr., expressed shock at Lee's capture, noting Lee had feared returning to jail due to prior beatings.

The hunt for Lee involved extensive law enforcement efforts, including hundreds of investigative hours and a feature on "America's Most Wanted." A $10,000 reward was offered last year for information leading to his capture. U.S. Marshals Service acting task force commander Sean LoPiccolo expressed hope that Lee's apprehension would bring comfort to the victim and her family. "Violent offenders who believe they can escape justice will be held accountable," LoPiccolo stated.

After more than a decade of evasion, Teun Kit Lee is set to be extradited back to Massachusetts to face sentencing for his crimes.