The much-anticipated sequel of Frozen is on its way, as the director Chris Bucker is intending to screen the sequel of one of the most favorite Disney movies of all time. Fans are eagerly waiting for the magical Arendelle kingdom once again. After the enormous box office success, Disney created a short film known as "Frozen Fever" for its fans and to keep their expectations up.

Disney fans now earnestly wait for Frozen 2 which may portray Princess Elsa as a lesbian. Yes, for the first time in the history of Disney, there will be a lesbian princess.

Earlier, Showbiz Maven reported, for a pretty long time, the gay community has strongly advocated for greater LGBT representation in Hollywood.

Frozen 2 poster
Frozen/ Disney

Controversial Plot of Frozen 2

According to itechpost, in Frozen 2, Princess Elsa and Olaf will find their love. Olaf will fall for a beautiful snow-woman. And, Princess Elsa will fall for a girl.

According to the reports, "This sparked a controversy amongst parents and Disney movie lovers as it is completely reverse to the Disney tradition and culture."

Disney movies always offer 'moral values' to its viewers. Therefore, it's highly expected that Disney will highlight the LGBT community in a positive way, which indeed will help in spreading the right message to the society. As children grow up watching Disney, it can actually help the child to comprehend the society in a better way.

Princess Elsa's New Voice

Princess Elsa may be getting a new voice. Previously it was Idina Menzel who was the voice behind Elsa's character, but according to the reports, in Frozen 2, they are intending to replace Princess Elsa's voice with that of Rihanna or Taylor Swift. Since, Demi Lovato is completely like Menze, and have worked with Disney, Lovato's voice is also being considered.

The much awaited sequel will possibly hit the big screen next year.