Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Disney replaces Johnny Depp with a fresh new face?

Disney is not quite happy with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (Twitter)

Sad news for Johnny Depp fans, as according to the new reports Depp may or may not be present in the much-awaited movie Pirates of the Caribbean 5. If we go by the rumours, Disney is not quite happy with Depp and believes that the 54-year old actor has lost his charm and would not be able to attract the audience.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which is scheduled to release in May 2017, is almost half done. Depp already shot the scenes as Jack Sparrow, already, but Disney is still giving second thoughts on it and may like a new face for the same. The fresh face will be reshooting Depp's scenes.

According to GameNGuide, Disney is reshooting some of the scenes of the Sleepy Hollow actor in order to focus on other characters in the movie.

Moreover, the status of Johnny Depp as a superstar has gone down and he has been unable to revive that. The ups and downs in his personal badly hampered his image, especially his ex-wife Amber Heard's domestic violence allegations against him. And, possibly that's the reason why Disney is not really interested in keeping Johnny Depp as the lead in the Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

According to Movie News Guide, there were reports earlier that the upcoming movie will be revolving around Henry Turner, son of Will Turner and is played by Orlando Bloom. Maybe in the movie, Johnny will have very little to do. The story is expected to revolve around Henry Turner and the villain Captain Salazar.In the fifth installment of the franchise, Henry Turner will possibly take the lead and not Depp.

Even if Disney doesn't replace Depp for this movie, does this mean that this is the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie of Johnny Depp?Well, it seems quite possible, as Disney looking for a fresh younger face to take the franchise forward.

This article was first published on November 30, 2016