Four locally transmitted cases of Coronavirus reported in Singapore

The Ministry of Health said that they were taking preventive measures to reduce local transmissions

Singapore recorded its first cases of local transmission of the coronavirus on Tuesday. The four women who were infected had not travelled to China. Authorities believe that the transmission took place when a tour group visited the country. The group has since returned to China. Two of the women who were infected are said to work for the Yong Thai Hang, a Chinese health products shop in Cavan Road, in Lavender, which caters to Chinese customers.

The tour group had visited the shop during their visit. The third woman is said to be a maid of one of the women while the fourth is the tour guide who was the part of the tour group which visited the shop. Along with the cases of domestic transmission, there have been two more cases of the virus.

Coronavirus outbreak in China (Representational picture) Pixabay

Limited local transmission: MOH

The ministry of health on Tuesday said that the new cases of local transmission are limited local transmission. The ministry also stated that there are lesser chances of widespread transmission. If a situation of the transmission becoming widespread happens, the ministry informed that they will take proper measures to protect the citizens.

In case, the domestic transmission increases, the government is planning to cancel mass gatherings, suspend schools, and pare down non-essential care services to reduce the chances of the spread. Singapore has been preparing for a similar situation, added the ministry. More cases of local transmission are expected to happen in the country.

The government is cleaning up public areas as well as picking up measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading to the vulnerable people in the country. Schools will have to implement staggered recess times and stop activities such as mass assemblies and school camps.

Contacting people with similar profiles as the two

The government is also contacting people who had come in contact with people who had travelled to China or with the people who travelled from China during the tour. The virus can be spread through the droplets from infected individuals. The best prevention for this is to maintain personal hygiene and social responsibility. People have been advised to clean their premises more often.

The ministry also said that 289 suspected cases were tested negative. The ministry will continue to administer and contact several people who were in contact with the infected during the meantime.

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