Passenger dies aboard flight from China to New Zealand; is Coronavirus the cause?

A passenger died mid-air on a flight bound from China to New Zealand sparking fresh fears of Coronavirus

A passenger died aboard an inbound flight to New Zealand, Auckland from China which has sparked off fresh fears of Coronavirus. The death occurred aboard a China Southern Airlines flight CZ305 from Guangzhou that landed at the Auckland airport. "Unfortunately, the passenger had passed away before arrival to Auckland Airport," said a spokesman to NZ Herald.

The Police reached the spot and confirmed they attended a report of sudden death on the inbound flight, which was reported to be around 4.30 pm on Monday, New Zealand time.

Death is not due to Coronavirus

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Panic spread among other flyers and airport authorities that the death might be due to Coronavirus, but a spokesperson confirmed that the passenger died of other cause and not of Coronavirus. "The death is believed to have been due to a medical event and is not believed to have been related to Coronavirus.''

The death comes after heightened travel restrictions aimed at preventing the deadly Coronavirus from reaching the shores of other countries. Since last week, many countries have barred flights from China and have cancelled all approved Chinese visas until further notice. Economists predict that China's economy might fall if the virus is not contained and might cause severe job losses.

The virus is now a worldwide crisis

Coronavirus has spread its evil wings around the world and multiple countries such as India, Japan, Vietnam among others confirmed they've diagnosed victims and several others are quarantined and kept under observation.

There has been more than 400 deaths alone in China due to the deadly virus and more than 24,000 cases have been confirmed and the numbers are only increasing by the day. The Chinese government confirmed they're calling for an improvement in the country's emergency management system and provide better care and treatment for those affected.

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