Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Helicopters coming in next update?

According to a new leak, Epic may be planning to add helicopters to the 'Fortnite' in an upcoming update

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 2 trailer arrived earlier this year and players were quick to notice a helicopter landing in one particular shot on the roof of the mansion, leading to speculation that helicopters are coming to the popular video game. This idea was further solidified by the number of helipads that started showing up at different locations on the map.

Now, a leak might have just confirmed that players will soon be able to fly around the "Fortnite" map in a chopper with their squad members.

Get to the chopper

Fortnite helicopters

Epic Games might be planning to add a new aerial vehicle to the online multiplayer game that will be able to transport not just one player but entire squads from one place to another. According to a new leak from a reliable source, Epic plans to add helicopters to its popular title in the near feature and they'll require quite a bit of firepower to take down.

The newly obtained information was leaked by Twitter user spedicey 1 and shared by popular game data miner HYPEX. The leak reveals that the new helicopters will feature a boost function that is currently available on the boats. Moreover, the aerial vehicles will also have a health power of 1,500 and will damage players if it hits them.

If the leak is anything to go by, it's possible that we might be getting helicopters soon and the helipads scattered across the map might serve as the perfect locations for them to spawn.

X-4 Stormwing controversy

This won't be the first time that aerial vehicles have been used in "Fortnite." Players were able to take to the skies on the X-4 Stormwing planes before they were retired to the vault at the beginning of Season 8 as it failed to resonate with players.

The planes were able to carry up to five players and had a turret on the front that allowed the pilot to rain down bullets on opponents. However, the flying vehicles were subject to a lot of criticism and controversy from players who complained that the Stormwing was much too powerful.

Let's just hope Epic Games is not repeating the same mistake with the addition of helicopters by making sure that if helicopters are coming, ensure that they don't cause too much, or we'll have another aerial catastrophe on our hands. As of now, there is no expected release date for helicopters in Fortnite, but with Season 2 nearly a quarter of the way done, they could come sooner rather than later.

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