Former military man spots UFO floating over Shrewsbury

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A former military man whose name has been kept under the wraps has apparently captured a weird streak of UFOs floating over Shrewsbury. The news was broken by Shropshire Star, and they report that the sighting apparently happened in Pontesbury Hill.

The witness strongly assured viewers that the object spotted was not a military aircraft.

"They were not aircraft of any kind and having served in the forces for over 30 years I can bet my pension they are not known to the military. They moved slowly around the back of Pontesbury Hill and out towards Eastridge Woods and the Stiperstones," said the witness, Shropshire Star reports.

The witness also added that the unidentified flying objects did not make any sounds and they moved in a formation in the skies.

"They moved slowly around the back of Pontesbury Hill and out towards Eastridge Woods and the Stiperstones. They made no sound but moved in a controlled manner. They were not those Chinese lanterns as these were too big and they moved against the wind. Did anyone else see these as I'm told that Shropshire is a hotspot for UFO sightings?" added the witness.

The new sighting came just a few days after a woman spotted a bizarre black flying object while travelling from Brisbane from Melbourne on an aeroplane. Almost 45 minutes after the take off from Brisbane, the woman spotted a strange object 30,000 feet in the sky over the wing of the plane.

"It looked like black smoke and a black craft of some sort. I couldn't see the shape, all I could see was a black object, at first I thought it was a dark cloud in the distance but realized it looked too black and straight to be a cloud. People I've shown it to also agree it's out of the ordinary, especially being that close to my plane and that high in the sky and because it was black," said the witness, Daily Mail reports.

As UFO sightings all across the world are increasing day by day, conspiracy theorists strongly argue that governments are aware of alien existence. They even claim that authorities are delaying the disclosure fearing public panic.

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