Amateur astronomer films 3 disc-shaped UFOs flying between moon and earth

YouTube: Don't Stop Motion

On a cloudless night, an amateur astronomer filmed three disc-shaped UFOs flying between the moon and earth. The footage was apparently shot on the night of April 22, and it was later shared on YouTube by 'Don't Stop Motion'. The video soon attracted more than 5,500 views.

"So, I was filming the Half moon on Sunday and caught something weird passing in front of it. At 1:18 in, 3 objects cross the moon. I THINK it's some helium balloons someone must've released, but can't confirm," wrote the uploader in the video description.

The video shows the uploader filming the half-moon with a 4K camera. As he zooms in the moon, the craters of our natural satellite become visible, and at one point in time, three round disc-shaped UFOs appear darting on the scene.

Two of the UFOs appear to be flying very closely, while the third one lags behind them. However, upon closer analysis, it becomes pretty clear that all these three unidentified flying objects are flying in a formation.

Interestingly, these three UFOs were seen flying in a triangular formation, a pattern which is very similar to that of many recent sighting on several parts of the world.

As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists had no hesitation to conclude that these objects are alien spaceships from outer space.

"If it is legit, then I don't think those were balloons, why would they send 3 balloons at close range into orbit? , There's a chance they would collide and they would have to be very near the moon to show their shadows on it. It must be something else... But a very very nice catch," commented Moridin, a YouTube user.

Some people claim that these objects are nothing but meteors. However, they still remain confused regarding the pattern these objects followed during the course.

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