Former AB6IX Member Lim Young Min Shares Handwritten Apology on Twitter for 'Hurtful' Actions

Former AB6IX member Lim Young Min completed his mandatory military service on Sunday, May 2. The singer greeted his fans through a handwritten letter. His agency, Brand New Music, shared the letter on Twitter this Monday, May 3. In the letter, the singer addressed his drunk driving incident in May 2020 and apologized for his hurtful behavior.

The K-pop idol began his letter by thanking the fans for patiently waiting for him and encouraging him. He then shared his experience in the military service. The singer said he met several good people, including executives, seniors, colleagues, juniors, and others, who helped him. Young Min described it as a valuable time that helped him learn and reflect on his past actions. It helped him realize his mistakes and how they affected other people.

"I sincerely apologize to all those negatively affected and who got hurt because of me. Also, I am sorry and thankful to those who have waited for me. From now on, I will think carefully before acting. I will work hard to become a better person day by day and greet you with a better side of me," the former AB6IX leader wrote.

Lim Young Min
Former AB6IX member Lim Young Min Instagram

Here is the Complete Letter:


Netizens' Reactions

The handwritten apology captured the attention of several netizens, and they encouraged the K-pop idol to make his comeback to the music industry. A few netizens also wondered if he would rejoin the boyband and be a part of it.

"Thank you so much for coming back and holding out in good health~ Remember the past days and be more cool in the future... Let's go together like we know Lim Young-min! I will love you," a Twitter user wrote.

"We know our journey and struggle will be very difficult, but together it will be easier. Let's fight again from a fresh start as we continue to encourage each other, hold hands and strengthen each other. We can definitely do it!!! go for it!! I love you," another tweet read.

"Youngmin-ah, I don't know all the time you've spent, but I believe you've worked harder than anyone else to reflect on your past mistakes and become a better person. No matter which path you choose, I will support you along the way. Thank you for not giving up, for giving me the courage to come back so healthy," the third person stated.

"Thank you. I am very happy to hear the news. I hope we can come back and fight together from the beginning. Don't be afraid, Bangto will always support you. Don't listen to the bad words that exist. Not everyone has the right to decide your future. You have the right to decide your future. fighting," the fourth netizen said.

"I think you would have fully repented of your mistakes. Ignore malicious comments and let's go see only the fans who support you, I love you," a Twitter user commented.