Forget plastic bottles, here comes innovative bodysuit to kill coronavirus and save us from outbreak

A Chinese company has designed a high-tech bodysuit that it claims will not only prevent the spread of the virus but wipe it out entirely

The Coronavirus epidemic has claimed nearly 3,200 lives and infected more than 93,000 people across the globe. Amid the unprecedented outbreak, A Chinese company has designed a bodysuit, which it claims can kill the deadly virus and save us all from the public health emergency.

Coronavirus-killing bodysuit

Penda China, an architecture company based out of Beijing, shared a prototype design of a bodysuit on Instagram that it claims has advanced coronavirus-fighting capabilities to protect wearers from the deadly virus. The shield-like wearable device is called "Be A Batman," and is inspired by the namesake flying mammal from the natural world.

How does it work?

The bodysuit, which has to be worn as a bag pack, comprises of a carbon fibre skeleton frame with a PVC film that wraps around the user like a personal bubble, thus creating a physical barrier between users and any viruses that might be heading towards them.

The hi-tech device not only protects users from the deadly virus but completely eradicates it by isolating the user and sterilising their surroundings using ultra-violet technology.

Coronavirus bodysuit
Coronavirus bodysuit concept by Penda China. Penda China

Be A Batman is "a wearable space device that can effectively isolate us outdoors to ensure safety. The ultraviolet radiation network on the surface of the device can heat up to sterilize the surrounding environment, turning contact a way to kill, rather than spread, the virus," the company notes in its post.

The bodysuit is also portable as it can also be folded, opening up automatically when one steps outdoors where there could be contact with the outside world.

Innovative techniques to fight COVID-19

While Penda China designed a wearable bodysuit to fight the spread of the Coronavirus, people in China are also getting more and more innovative with their methods to protect themselves from the bug, using objects like plastic bags, bottles, and motorbike helmets, whatever else they can find to the keep the virus at bay.

For example, A taxi driver recently went viral after pictures of his vehicle showing a plastic shield separating the front and back seats of his car in a bid to isolate himself from passengers started doing the rounds on the web. Below are some other similar examples:

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