Forest of Secrets: Bae Doo Na and Jo Seung Woo confirmed; plotline surfaces online

Bae Doo-na will also play another lonely cop but unlike Jo Seung-woo, she'll be a warm, positive and caring detective

Actors Jo Seung-woo and Bae Doo-na have been confirmed to appear as lead characters in tvN's upcoming drama 'Forest of Secrets.' They were in the process of considering the offer previously.

As reported by website Allkpop, on January 23, tvN channel made the official announcement that Jo Seung-woo, best known for his leading roles in films like 'The Classic' and Bae Doo-na, who appeared in Park Chan-wook's 'Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance,' have accepted the offer of starring as the leads in 'Forest of Secrets' also known as 'Secret Forest.'

Bae Doo Na
South Korean actress Bae Doo Na is currently seen in Nteflix's sci-fi drama Sense 8. Facebook

As per Dramabeans website, Jo Seung-woo stars as a lonely and cold prosecutor called Hwang Si-mok, who lacks the ability to feel emotions due to a brain surgery that was conducted on him in his youth. He is the only one to have preserved his integrity and honesty in his job as a prosecutor. Others in the prosecutor's life are corrupt and use unfair means repeatedly. He stumbles upon some such big corruption within his department that has significance to the larger plot of the drama.

Bae Doo-na will also play another lonely cop but unlike Jo Seung-woo, she'll be a warm, positive and caring detective. The name of her character will be Han Yeo-jin. In a sense the two leads are like lost souls and two-sides of the same coin; being warm and cold. Doo-na's character is meant to provide a contrast to Seung-woo's character and most likely, the two will end up falling for each other. They will collaborate on the case that might determine the actual thread that the drama will run on.

Dramabeans also mentions that actor Lee Jun-hyuk will play Jo Seung-woo's colleague and a successful prosecutor who has an inferiority complex based on his background. Actress Shin Hye-sun, who recently appeared in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea,' is reportedly considering the part of a prosecutor trainee from a prestigious background who wants to prove her own worth.

The first script reading will take place at the end of this month. The drama will be aired pre-filmed, and most likely air in the second half of 2017, as mentions Allkpop.

This article was first published on January 25, 2017