Forecasting Love And Weather Spoilers: Cast Member Park Min Young Tease Possible Ending

Actress Park Min Young, who is currently gaining the attention of K-drama fans worldwide with her portrayal of forecaster Jin Ha Kyung in the tvN drama Forecasting Love And Weather, has teased the possible ending of this mini-series recently. According to her, the viewers will get the essence of an office romance through this romantic comedy-drama. It will continue to follow the Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo as they enjoy their secret office romance.

The mini-series will return with a new episode on Saturday, and it is likely to feature the onscreen couple struggling to keep their romantic relationship a secret. It may not be easy for them to hide their romance from colleagues for a longer time. They might get caught by someone. If so, then will they break up for good?

Min Young hinted at a happy ending for the couple. She said it is fun to watch them become alike as they fight. The viewers will find out how a man and a woman of different personalities get closer to each other as time passes.

"The process of a man and woman with opposite personalities becoming alike as they fight is interesting. It is a drama that contains all the strengths of an office romance", said the actress during an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Park Min Young
Actress Park Min Young in tvN drama Forecasting Love and Weather. tvN

Forecasting Love and Weather Review

It is a feel-good drama that follows two colleagues. The mini-series shows them trying to recover from their breakups. Ha Kyung and Si Woo work at the national weather forecasting service department of South Korea called Korea Metrological Administration.

After their breakup, they happen to share their pain. They get closer to one another while working under one roof. Eventually, Ha Kyung and Si Woo fall for each other. But they keep it a secret from their colleagues.

The mini-series has several fun elements and unexpected plot twists. These factors keep the viewers glued to the screens. Another factor that attracts several K-drama fans to the mini-series is its story. While following Ha Kyung and Si Woo, the drama also shows their ex-partners.

Forecasting Love and Weather
A promo still of the tvN drama Forecasting Love and Weather tvN

Park Min Young Opens Up on her Preparations for Forecasting Love and Weather

The actress revealed that it was not easy for her to memorize and deliver the technical terms. So, she watched several documentaries to understand the subject and familiarise herself with it.

"It was not easy to say technical terms related to the weather like it was part of my daily life. Unlike medical and legal dramas, there were not many models I could refer. So instead of watching movies and dramas, I watched a lot of documentaries", said the actress.

Forecasting Love and Weather episode 5 will air on tvN Saturday at 10.30 pm KST. People in Korea can watch it on the official channel or stream it on the website. International fans can watch the chapter on various streaming sites, including Netflix.