Football 'God' Maradona Dead: Here Are his Most Powerful, Controversial and Inspiring Quotes

Football legend Diego Maradona passed away on Wednesday, 25 November, at the age of 60. He suffered a heart attack earlier today, a member of his entourage confirmed to AFP.

Diego Maradona's death: Here's are his most powerful, controversial and inspiring quotes
Diego Maradona in the stands before the match REUTERS/Sergio Perez/File PhotoREUTERS/Sergio Perez/File Photo

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has declared three-day mourning following the news of the soccer player's death. Former Brazilian footballer Pele has condoled the death.

"Sad news to lose a friend like that. May God give enough strength to his family. For sure, one day we will kick a ball together in heaven," Pele said in a statement to Reuters.

Diego Maradona's moment of glory came when he single-handedly won the World Cup in 1986 for his country. Eight years later, he was thrown out of the team for doping. Years of drug use, overeating, and alcoholism had an adverse impact on his career and he nearly died of cocaine-induced heart failure in 2000.

His Powerful, Controversial, and Inspiring Quotes

He was known for his outspoken attitude and numerous times, his statements created controversies. Here, we visit some of his popular quotes:

I am not desperate but I know that someday I'll be the coach again of some team.

My God. that is just stupid. Maybe Neymar is the best player in the world. but only if you say that Messi is from a different planet.

There are 100s of Beckhams playing football all over the world.

I don't care what you people think about me as a manager. I couldn't care less. I've got my 23 players and I'm ready to die with them. I don't speak about starters or substitutes. I've got 23 warriors and any of them can play.

"The Goal Was Scored A Little Bit By The Hand Of God, Another Bit By The Head Of Maradona"

I Am Maradona, Who Makes Goals, Who Makes Mistakes. I Can Take It All, I Have Shoulders Big Enough To Fight With Everybody.