Florida Woman Raped by Epstein and Maxwell in Front of Son, Told Will be Fed to Alligators

Turkish-born Florida woman revealed horrific details of Epstein brutally raping her with Maxwell's help.

A Florida woman has claimed that she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein with the help of Ghislaine Maxwell. The Turkish-born woman. who was 26, told that she was repeatedly raped since January 2008 in front of her eight-year-old son. She filed a case in this regard on March 22.

The woman identified as Jane Doe was working as a real estate agent in Florida. Her complaint also states that she was threatened of being fed to alligators if she reported the crime. She is said to have been recruited by Maxwell and was repeatedly abused for at least five months in Naples, Florida.

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-girlfriend of Jeffery Epstein was arrested on sex trafficking charges on June 2, 2020. Instagram

Her lawsuit has horrific details including Epstein forcing her to have vaginal surgery to make her look like a virgin. The details also state that Epstein had trafficked women to other men, including a local judge.

Jane Doe said that she first met Epstein and Maxwell in 2006 during a barbecue party hosted by her employer. She did not name the employer but said that he knew Epstein very well. Her employer introduced her to Epstein and Maxwell by saying that they were looking for renting or purchasing land in Florida.

She is even said to have found a property worth $10,000 a month [for rent] for Epstein and said that she was paid in cash. After this deal, Epstein said that he was interested in hiring Doe for work and gave expensive gifts to her. In addition, Epstein had promised highly placed employment for her then husband.

Maxwell Tricked Doe to Work for Epstein

Maxwell persistently persuaded her to work for Epstein. Doe said that Maxwell, who went by the name G-Max, took away her passport for safekeeping. It was kept in a locked box in Epstein's Palm Beach estate. Doe was also a trained hairdresser and her first assignment was to cut Epstein's hair in January 2008.

But when she reached his estate, she was in for a shock as she found Epstein naked. She was caught and then was brutally raped by Epstein will the help of Maxwell. Doe also said that Epstein possessed guns while threatening her. After raping her, Epstein is said to have given her $200. But before she left, Epstein had told Maxwell to tell Doe that there was no use going to the police because he had already called them.

Doe said that two men in police uniforms showed up and threated her that they would arrest her on charges of prostitution. They also threatened to kidnap her son and deport her. Then Doe was driven away along with her son by Epstein and Maxwell.

The Alligator Threat, Rape and Torture

During the trip, Epstein stopped the car near a waterway filled with alligators. She was then threatened of being fed to the alligators if she ever tried to report them. Epstein is also said to have told that he had done this to other women too.

She was kept inside a hotel in Naples. Epstein, with Maxwell's help, had repeatedly raped her in the presence of her eight-year-old son. She was raped for five months until May 2008. She was then forcefully taken for vaginal surgery, at the request of a high profile client, said Doe in her suit. Her suit also claims that she was photographed and filmed naked during brutal sexual acts.

Doe said that she had grown up in an orthodox Muslim family and was scared to report the crimes as she was worried about bringing disgrace to the family. Epstein committed suicide inside the New York prison cell in August 2019. Maxwell has been arrested and is facing sex trafficking charges.