Florida Woman Accused of Posing as 13-Year-Old, Sending Obscene Images to Minor

Emily Sarah Robinson
Emily Sarah Robinson Twitter

Gainesville police arrested a woman with a history of felony convictions for sexual offenses, on charges of possessing and distributing obscene material to minors on Tuesday, July 9.

Emily Sarah Robinson, 22, was taken into custody after Gainesville Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) officers worked with GPD SWAT to investigate and carry out a cyber tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The NCMEC alerted GPS about an incident that took place on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Robinson Posed as 13-Year-Old, Told 16-Year-Old Boy She was Sending Obscene Images of Her Older Sister

The tip revealed a user account was distributing adult pornographic content in a private chat with a user who stated that he was underage. According to the press release, Robinson pretended to be a 13-year-old female during the conversation.

In the messages, Robinson told the boy, who admitted in the chat that he was 16, that the content she was sending him was of her 22-year-old sister. Robinson provided her phone number from the X account to continue talking with the teen outside the platform.

Robinson Told Investigators She Created the Account to Chat with Men and 'Degrade Them for Money'

On Tuesday, Robinson admitted post-Miranda that she had only created the account to chat with men and "degrade them for money," although she would eventually admit to owning the account and her conversation with the teen.

Robinson also later admitted that the sexually graphic content she had sent him was of her, not her sister -- and that she knew what she was doing was wrong, but that it was a "moment of weakness."

Robinson Previously Convicted on Child Pornography Charges, Communicating with Minors

Robinson was previously designated as a sex offender in Alachua County in December 2022 following her arrest in February earlier that year.

She was charged for distributing child porn, including material of prepubescent children, and using online accounts to communicate with minors. She was released from the Florida Department of Corrections in October 2023.

Robinson's parole officer requested the GPD direct file on her for violation of her probation. She was booked into Alachua County Jail Tuesday afternoon and is awaiting trial without bond.