Florida Teacher Tells Students Capitol Hill Violence Was Done By Antifa, Gets Called Out [WATCH]

Social media users slammed the teacher for spreading misinformation about the violent protests that left five people dead.

A Florida teacher was filmed teaching students that Antifa was responsible for the Capitol siege before being called out by the class. Social media users slammed the teacher for spreading misinformation about the violent protests that left five people dead.

The video, recorded by a student, was uploaded on Instagram where it raked nearly 19,000 views. The caption for the video stated: "She just RANDOMLY started talking about this in 1st period, it was language arts class and we were about to do work when she started talking about the Capitol raid."

The teacher reportedly was a substitute at a school in central Florida. The class she addressed was the eighth grade that maintained social distance.

"The supporters arrived, and suddenly there was violence. Already, three of those have been identified as Antifa members that were in the building," the teacher told the class. "We've had trouble with this all summer long."

The student, who filmed the video, asked: "What about Proud Boys?" However, the teacher did not answer the question.

"There are peaceful demonstrations, we're fine, until a bunch of Antifa members showed up and started the violence. This is just another example. They were paid to be there; they were paid to do violence so that the Trump supporters would look bad," the teacher said.

The student further pressed her about the presence of Proud Boys members at the Jan. 6 protests in Washington D.C. "Well, didn't Proud Boys and Trump supporters, weren't they the ones who broke into the Capitol?" the student asked.

However, the teacher tried to clarify saying that "Trump supporters" tried to stop "the people breaking windows."

The student reminded her that the violent protesters were "wearing MAGA hats."

"Anybody can put on a MAGA hat," the teacher retorted. "When they're paid to be there and cause a riot, they want to make it look like Trump supporters, so they wear Trump hats and carry Trump flags. Does that make them Trump supporters? No."

Capitol attack
Rioters inside the Capitol building during the siege on Jan. 6, 2021. Twitter

The teacher told the students they need to "look at the history." "Also, people have said that this was an attempt to overthrow the government. Show me the video where those thousands of supporters were carrying guns or weapons of any kind."

Several students tried to call her out for her apparent misinformation. However, she continued: "You cannot have a government overthrow without guns."

Social media users lashed out at the teachers with many urging the school district to fire her.

"That teacher should be fired for teaching personal agenda," one user commented on Instagram.

"She has no facts. She's obviously a trump supporter too. This is ridiculous.. Just for bulls**t being taught in our schools," wrote another user.

"Good for this kid who recorded her. Now we can all sing the chorus of YOU ABOUT TO LOSE YO JOB," a third user wrote.

Following the Capitol violence, Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar suggested that Antifa infiltered the protests and were responsible for the violence. However, the FBI said there was no indication that Antifa was involved in the protests.