Who is 'Bullhorn Lady'? Woman Caught on Camera Guiding Capitol Hill Rioters About Floor Plan

The recent viral video strengthened the speculation that last week's Capitol Hill siege was coordinated.

A viral video from the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill insurrection showed rioters discussing floor plan after barging inside the government building. The recent video strengthened the speculation that Capitol siege was coordinated.

Thousands of protesters stormed the Capitol after Vice President Mike Pence said he will not block the congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Since the violent attack, numerous videos and images surfaced showing the rioters destroying the property and indulging in fatal attacks.

Bull Horn lady

"We Need a Plan, We Need Enough People"

Twitter user Chris Morris uploaded the video that went viral and fetched nearly 5 million views. "What's the floor plan?" a man is heard asking fellow rioters at the beginning of the video that was filmed inside one of the rooms inside the Capitol. "We need a plan. We need enough people. We need to push forward," another man is heard shouting.

The room appeared to be crowded and chaotic. A few seconds later, a woman in a pink hat and sunglasses used a bullhorn to pass instructions to the rioters inside the room. Passing the instructions using a bullhorn through a broken window, the unidentified woman is heard revealing the floor plan to the Trump supporters.

"Hey guys, I've been in the other room. In the other room on the other side of this door right here where you are standing, there is a glass that somebody, if it's broken, you can drop down into a room underneath it," she said. "There's also two doors in the other room. One in the rear, and one to the right as you go in. So people should probably coordinate together if you're going to take this building. We're in, we've got another window to break to make getting in and out easy."

'Bullhorn Lady' Knows Capitol Layout?

Among the sea of attackers, it was the "bullhorn lady" that caught the attention of social media users. Spotted several times in various videos of the insurrection, the woman actively participated in the attack. In one of the videos, she even assisted a man in breaking the door by ramming a pipe.

Many users questioned how the woman was aware of the Capitol's floor plan. "How does Bullhorn Lady know the floor plan? She's guiding the terrorists on where to go. Who is she? She needs to be arrested and we need to know how she got her information," tweeted a user.

"The lady with the bullhorn has detailed knowledge of the building and specifically wants the building "taken" and ordering people with a bullhorn. Who is she? This was absolutely planned with coordination & intent," wrote another.

This article was first published on January 14, 2021