Florida Teacher Facing Charges for Sexting Student Arrested, Fired After 'Twerking' Against Another Teen at Prom, Forcing Him to Drink Alcohol

A Florida teacher was arrested and fired from a $7,000-a-year private Christian school after she twerked on an 18-year-old boy at prom and pressured him to consume alcohol.

Julie Hoover, 39, was arrested on September 6 after she allegedly put the straw with an alcohol drink into a teenager's mouth and dancing on him, according to the Taylor County Sheriff's Office.

Hoover Allegedly Began 'Rubbing Her Buttocks on Him'

Julie Hoover
Julie Hoover's mugshots from her arrests. Taylor County's Sheriff's Office

Hoover was chaperoning prom at Point of Grace Christian School on April 8 when a student accused her of dancing on him. The student said that "each time he got onto or even near the dance floor, Julie Hoover came over to where he was dancing and began "twerking" against him (rubbing her buttocks on him)."

At least two other people corroborated the story and told investigators they got in between Hoover and the student several times, trying to get the teacher to stop. A school official also confirmed to investigators there was alcohol stashed away at the dance for staff to consume after students left. The former teacher is now facing two misdemeanor charges for distributing alcohol to a minor and for engaging in inappropriate conduct with a student.

Hoover Accused of Trying to Sneak Student into Her Home While Husband was Away

Hoover was previously arrested in June for sexting with an 18-year-old senior. It is unclear whether the two incidents involve the same senior. She was arrested on June 8 was after the mother of an 18-year-old reported to police that her son had explicit messages on his phone from the teacher.

The mother claimed Hoover was attempting to lure the teenager into her home while her husband was away. At the time the messages were sent in March and April, the student was enrolled in a few classes Hoover taught. She was released the day after her initial arrest on a $15,000 bond.

Hoover No Longer Employed with School

An official with the school who asked not to be identified issued a statement to WCTV in response to Hoover's latest arrest.

"Mrs. Hoover is a former teacher with Point of Grace Christian. We will not provide further information on her employment or departure from our school," the official wrote. "The Taylor County Sheriff's Office informed us of the allegations against Mrs. Hoover, and we have cooperated with the investigation. Out of respect for the judicial process, we will not comment any further at this time," said the statement.