Florida Shooting: Gunman Who Killed 3 in 'Racially Motivated' Attack in Jacksonville Had a Nazi Symbol on His Gun

Victims included two men and one woman, all belonging to the black community

In yet another tragic incident of hate-fueled violence, a gunman in the United States took the lives of three individuals of African American descent in a racially motivated attack before turning the weapon on himself. The details were reported by the BBC, citing the local Sheriff's office. The distressing event unfolded in Jacksonville, Florida, where a young man in his early twenties, identified as Caucasian, entered a Dollar General store and initiated a barrage of gunfire. This action led to a confrontation with law enforcement personnel.

florida shooting

According to the report, Sheriff TK Waters expressed that the victims included two men and one woman, all belonging to the black community. The assailant, who was armed with body armor, a lightweight semi-automatic rifle, and a handgun, was described by Sheriff Waters, as reported by the BBC.

CNN quoted the Jacksonville Sheriff as saying, "This shooting was racially motivated and he hated Black people." Mayor Donna Deegan also condemned the incident as a "hate-filled crime" driven by racist animosity, as reported by the BBC.

Sheriff Waters conveyed that the perpetrator is believed to have acted alone and had intentions of taking his own life. The individual resided with his parents in Clay County, Jacksonville, and had composed several manifestos, including ones addressed to his parents and the media.

In an unsettling detail reported by the BBC, one of the firearms used in the attack was found to have a swastika symbol inscribed on it. As a response to this tragic event, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) initiated a civil rights investigation into the matter, classifying it as a hate crime.

Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan conveyed her condolences on a local TV channel, expressing that "One shooting is too much but these mass shootings are hard to take." Florida Governor Ron DeSantis condemned the gunman's actions as "horrific," describing him as a "scumbag." DeSantis emphasized the unacceptable nature of the attack, which targeted individuals solely due to their racial identity. Notably, DeSantis was also reported to be contending for the Republican party's nomination for the US presidential candidacy.

DeSantis expressed his view that the gunman's decision to end his own life instead of facing accountability was an act of cowardice. The White House stated that President Joe Biden had been informed about the incident.

Dollar General stated CBS News, expressing deep sorrow over the "senseless act of violence" that transpired at their Kings Road store. The company underlined its commitment to supporting the affected employees and their families in collaboration with law enforcement.

Highlighting the broader issue of gun violence in the United States, the BBC referenced data from the Gun Violence Archive website, which reported over 28,000 gun-related deaths in the country within the current year.