Florida School Suspends Black Students After They Confront White Classmates Over Racist Snapchat Video

A group of black students at Yulee High School were suspended after they confronted their white classmates over the racist video, which shows two students using racial slurs while wearing a KKK-style white hood.

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A Florida school has sparked outrage after suspending a group of black students who confronted two white teens who sent them a Snapchat video of them using racial slurs while wearing a white hood.

The video, that started circulating on social media earlier this week, shows one of the white students calling over the other student, who is wearing the Ku-Klux Klan-style hood.

Yulee High School
A still from the video that went viral on social media and Yulee High School (right). Twitter

"Hey Jace, you need to come look at this...you see that? It's a [n-word]," the student tells the other, while pointing at the camera.

The video was sent to a group of their Black Yulee High School classmates, who confronted the kids seen in the video, which led to a physical altercation, the school's district superintendent said. Watch the video below:

The assistant superintendent said the student who shared the video and those who confronted the students in it were reprimanded. Parents of the students who confronted the filmmakers said they were suspended for five days. Meanwhile, nothing happened to the students who appeared in the video, the school district confirmed.

Students' Parents Outraged

Now, parents of the suspended students are expressing their anger over school administrators' unfair handling of the situation. A parent told the local CW affiliate news channel that it was unbelievable that the kids who made the "vile, nasty, distasteful video" are still able to attend school while the students who spoke up about it "to defend themselves are sitting at home."

School District Releases Statement

In a statement released Oct. 22, Nassau County School District Assistant Superintendent Mark Durham said the district and high school "want to make it clear that acts of discrimination based on race will not be tolerated on our campuses or toward our students. Individuals committing such acts will be subject to disciplinary consequences. We recognize that many students were negatively affected by the content of this video and the school is prepared to support their needs."

He also noted that the video was filmed over the summer and not on school property.