Florida Mom Arrested After She is Seen Throwing Her Three-Year-Old Son Down Hallway and Repeatedly Kicking Him in Sickening Video [WATCH]

In the disturbing video, the young boy is seen being thrown into the air as he hits the hard floor with a sickening thud.

A disturbing video has emerged that shows a Florida mother throwing and kicking her defenseless three-year-old child down a hallway. Yulia Storozhuk was labeled a "monster" by police after she was caught on camera physically abusing her vulnerable son. Storozhuk was arrested on Tuesday on two counts of child abuse.

According to reports, the entire incident took place around 9 p.m. on Monday and was recorded by a neighbor's doorbell camera. The distressing video shows the 29-year-old woman repeatedly assaulting the defenseless child, allegedly leaving him with bruises and redness on the body. The concerned neighbor could help but call the cops describing the brutal assault by the merciless mother.

Unlike a Mother

Yulia Storozhuk
Yulia Storozhuk seen pushing her 3-year-old son in the hallway X

The video shows Storozhuk grabbing her 3-year-old, lifting him, and then throwing him to the floor. "How can a mother do this? I mean, she is a monster," a spokesman for Miami-Dade police said.

In the disturbing video, the young boy is seen being thrown into the air as he hits the hard floor with a sickening thud.

Following this, she kicks him at least three times along the hallway, proceeds to grab him by the collar, and continues to drag and kick him.

Video recorded 40 minutes later captures her pushing the boy in the chest, leading him to fall backward and hit the floor.

Yulia Storozhuk
Yulia Storozhuk is seen in the video kicking her son X

According to NBC Miami, the Ukrainian superyacht stewardess told detectives that the violent incident occurred because her son was not listening to her. She is now facing two counts of child abuse charges and was released from jail on Wednesday night after posting bond.

During her court appearance on Wednesday, speaking through an interpreter, Storozhuk explained to the judge, "I am very sorry, I am a single mom and it was only one incident where I let my emotions get the best of me."

Monstrous Act

Yulia Storozhuk
Yulia Storozhuk X

After leaving jail, she claimed that she loved her son and said that she was eager to see him. "I'm so sorry, I won't do this anymore," she said before refusing to talk any further without her attorney present.

The judge issued an order for her to stay away from her son for 30 days and scheduled her arraignment within the same timeframe.

The Department of Children and Families is initiating an investigation into the mother's behavior, as mentioned in the police report, with the child currently under their care.

Yulia Storozhuk
Yulia Storozhuk Facebook

A police spokesperson stated, "The mother is going to get the consequences that come with her actions."

Two years before the incident, in an affectionate birthday post for her son, Storozhuk from Odessa, referred to the young child as her "angel," "hope," "protector," and "pride."