Florida Man Sets Woman on Fire For Having Romantic Relationship With Stepfather

The victim's name has not been made public. She is currently in critical condition and is being treated at a Miami hospital.

A man from Florida set a woman on fire after he came to know about her relationship with his stepfather. Luis Quinonez, 53, is currently under arrest for setting a woman ablaze by pouring gasoline on her. The incident occurred at southeast town of Lantana in Florida.

The victim's name has not been made public. She is currently in critical condition and is being treated at a Miami hospital. South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that Quinonez was jealous that the woman was in a romantic relationship with his stepfather as her was in love with her.

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Caretaker Turns Lover

The victim is said to be 61-year-old, who worked as a caretaker for Quinonez's mother. Thus she stayed at their house for years. Quinonez's mother passed away one month ago and the caretaker, who was in a relationship with stepfather, continued to stay in their house.

Quinonez was in an inebriated state when he attacked the victim with gasoline. He is charged with first-degree murder. He told the cops that after learning about her relationship with his stepfather, he was furious. So he went to the gas station on Nov. 30 and filled a container with fuel. He poured the gasoline on the woman after returning home and set her ablaze with a lighter.

She came running out of the house with fire spreading rapidly. Noticing this, the neighbors informed the fire fighters. They immediately rushed her to a Miami hospital. She has suffered second and third degree burns.

When the fire extinguishers came in they found Quinonez trying to douse the fire inside the house using the garden hose, leaving the victim to burn. He has been held without bond. Quinonez is also said to have told the cops that he would have killed his stepfather if he was at home all the time.

Man Tortures Stepson

In another incident, a Connecticut man was charged with felony as he forced his stepchild to sleep in a locked closet. The child was also forced to kneel on tracks and drink hot sauce. Kevin Grant, 31, is accused of abusing the victim for several months. Shockingly, the child's mother did not stop her husband from torturing the child.

The incident occurred in Naugatuck, north of New Haven. Grant and his wife have been taken into custody. Grant is also facing additional charges of second-degree assault, intentional cruelty, disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment.