Florida Man Hurls Racial Slurs at Waffle House Workers for Not 'Cooking his Bacon Right'

'You better cook the f***ing bacon right!' Martin Jose Alvarez allegedly yelled at the Waffle House workers.

A Florida man was arrested for causing quite a commotion at a Cape Coral Waffle House last Wednesday, January 19. According to FOX News, the man was allegedly unhappy over the way his bacon was cooked. The man was identified as 28-year-old Martin Jose Alvarez.

Martin Jose Alvarez allegedly had a meltdown over how his bacon was delivered and hurled racial slurs at the workers. "You better cook the f***ing bacon right!" Martin allegedly yelled.

According to police, a shirtless Alvarez was shirtless and yelling racial slurs at the employees, causing a scene when they arrived. The nature of racial slurs was not known at the moment.
Alvarez resisted arrest and only gave in when threatened with a taser.

Martin Jose Alvarez
Martin Jose Alvarez Lee County Sheriff's Office

Disorderly intoxication and assault

Alvarez was arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication, resisting an officer, and simple assault. He is being held at the Lee County Jail, Local 10 reported. The identities of the Waffle House workers involved in the incident are not known at the moment. More details about the incident are not known at the moment. His bail amount was not clear at the moment.

It is also not clear if Alvarez had a record of an arrest history.

Similar incidents

The incident comes the same week a Connecticut man was arrested after launching a racist tirade and tossing a drink at a worker in a smoothie shop on Saturday for 'giving his allergic son a drink containing peanuts.' A financial adviser for Merlyn Lynch, 48-year-old James Iannazzo was arrested and charged with a hate crime following the wild scene at Robeks in Fairfield on Saturday.

In yet another similar incident, an Asian-American Illinois realtor, Xuna Hu was told to 'go back to her country' by a white woman while shopping at Lowe's. Xuna filmed the video and posted it on her Facebook page.