Florida Man Convicted For Murdering Wife Over Reality Show Dispute

"Exhilaration, and a little bit of peace", says victims family

In a dramatic turn of events, a Florida man has been found guilty of brutally killing his wife, Shanti Cooper-Tronnes, in their Orlando home, capping a nearly five-year legal battle. The verdict, delivered by a jury on Wednesday night, has left the community in shock. This distressing case revolves around the couple's involvement in a troubled home renovation project and their aspirations to be featured on the reality show, "Zombie House Renovations."

Shanti & David Tronnes

David Tronnes, the defendant, was sentenced to life in prison for the heinous crime, which occurred after his wife expressed her reluctance to participate in the aforementioned home renovation reality show. The couple had embarked on a home renovation project that quickly escalated into a financial nightmare. WESH, NBC's affiliate, reported that investigators uncovered David's desperate hope of using the reality show as a lifeline to rescue the failing project.

Friends of the victim, Shanti, informed authorities that she had initially been enthusiastic about the prospect of appearing on the reality show. However, detectives suspected that her initial excitement had given way to frustration and a desire to distance herself from the troubled project, which she saw as a hindrance to her future plans.

According to WESH, the state argued that the renovation project was not only straining their finances but also causing rifts in the marriage, as Shanti's name was not on the property deed. Her mounting pressure on David to rectify this situation may have contributed to their discord.

Shanti's son, Jackson Cooper, spoke about the tragedy, saying, "She didn't die peacefully. She did not deserve anything that happened to her that night."

During the deliberations on Wednesday, a state prosecutor contended that David's motive to murder his wife became evident when she refused to participate in the reality show, stating, "That is an intent to kill." The verdict brought a mix of relief and closure to the grieving family. A family member expressed their emotions, saying, "Exhilaration, and a little bit of peace. Something we haven't had since 2018."

David Tronnes had initially claimed to have discovered his wife unconscious in the bathtub, submerged and bleeding, as reported by WESH.

Jackson Cooper added, "It's five years of struggle and pain lifted off of our shoulders. It feels good inside that he's finally where he is and now that we can move on knowing that he's where he's supposed to be and where he's meant to be."

At the request of the victim's family, the death penalty was not pursued in this case.

Following the verdict, another family member remarked, "We're going to wake up tomorrow a little brighter," signaling a small glimmer of hope after the dark chapter that has plagued their lives.