Flight Attendant Travels Nearly 2000 Miles to Take Stray Puppy to New Home

When a family in North Carolina wanted to adopt a dog rescued in Texas, the problem of distance was solved by a benevolent flight attendant.

A flight attendant in the USA has proven that human compassion is limitless. This lady went from Texas to North Carolina, a distance of around 2000 miles, just to take a stray puppy to the home of the couple who decided to adopt him.

This incredible story begins in El Paso, Texas, where a lady was traveling in her car one day last summer when it broke down. She got out of her car to see what the problem was but also encountered two little puppies by the roadside. She decided to help them and contacted the Animal Rescue League, an organization that helps animals without shelter.

Marcel and Harris
Marcel, on the left, with Harris, the dog Animal Rescue League of El Paso

The League took the puppies under their care and also posted their pictures on Facebook to see if there are any families interested in adopting them. As it turned out, a couple in North Carolina was very keen to have one of the pups. The only hurdle between the little dog and his finding a loving home was the massive distance.

Unexpected help

Loretta Hyde, one of the members of the Animal Rescue League, explored the option of the dog being sent by air to its destination. She contacted one of her friends who works at Southwest Airlines to ask whether it would be possible for her company to take the puppy to his new home. She didn't get the reply that was desired.

"I made a call to one of my friends who works at Southwest and she goes, 'No Loretta they can't fly unchaperoned,'" Hyde told KTSM TV. But when the knowledge of this predicament reached a flight attendant of the company, she came forward to volunteer for this noble task. Her name is Marcel Stratton.

Harris the dog
Harris the dog taken to North Carolina by Marcel Animal Rescue League of El Paso

"It was Marcel who said 'I happen to have two days off, I'll fly to El Paso pick up the boy,' she's a flight attendant and she used her flying privileges to get him on Southwest and get him all the way to North Carolina," Hyde informed the channel. This solved the problem.

After news of this altruistic act spread around, a hotel also came forward to help. Stratton lives in Las Vegas, so the Windham Hotel in El Paso provided her a room to stay during her visit to pick up the dog. They even ensured that this room was one with a balcony so that the dog can move into open space.

The couple who were adopting the dog had already given him a name – Harris. It wasn't an easy journey for Stratton and Harris as they had to change flight three times. Yet, the benevolent flight attendant carried out the task to its completion. Now, Harris is with his new family and the other dog that was found with him has also found a new home, this one in El Paso itself. A happy end to a lovely story!