Hopkinton Couple Arrested While Walking Dog Naked Violently Wrestled With Cops Injuring One

There was a brief chase on foot before the naked couple were tackled by the police and placed under arrest

The locals of this Middlesex County in Massachusetts are proud of their town, which while being popular for being the starting point of the Boston Marathon and is also the safest place in the country.

The residents of Hayden Rowe Street but woke up to a rather straight sight earlier last Monday morning, when they noticed a completely naked couple walking their dog through the streets of this Boston suburb.

Hopkinton Naked couple
Hopkinton couple 32-year-old Mariel Kinney and 30-year-old Kevin Pinto were walking down Hayden Rowe Street in the nude with their dog named Lucy when police responded to the scene around 6:30 a.m. Turtle Boy

Soon the local Hopkinton Police were informed about the strange couple walking through the Hayden Rowe Street along with a black dog. On arriving at the scene, the police found Mariel Kinney, 32, and her boyfriend Kevin Pinto, 30, walking their black dog named Lucy down the street at around 6:30 a.m.

The police then confronted the couple and asked them why they were walking naked through the street. The couple it is suspected was high and their replies were incoherent.

The Hopkinton PD officers then informed the couple that they will be arrested for indecent exposure and then the officers proceed to take the couple into custody.

It is at this point, all hell broke loose and the couple briefly ran away. According to Hopkinton Police, the couple wrestled with the officers and hit them with the palm of their hands while resisting arrest.

The police revealed that there was a brief chase before the two were tackled by the officers.

"It was kind of wild," said Hopkinton Police Chief Joseph Bennett told The Metro West Daily News. The Police Chief revealed that the situation was indeed volatile and it could have been worse, however, he was glad that nobody suffered serious injuries.

The injured police officer was treated at a local hospital and released later. The naked couple, who are residents of 6 Hazel Road has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure, assault, and battery on a police officer, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

The Hopkinton Police Chief said that the officers specially mentioned that the dog - Lucy "She was a very good dog."

The couple was produced before the Framingham District Court and the details of their arraignment are awaited.

Meanwhile, after observing a set of personal photographs of the Hopkinton naked couple Mariel Kinney, her boyfriend Kevin Pinto, and their black dog Lucy obtained by Clarence Woods Emerson of TB Daily News, there are questions being raised on whether this was their first time.

It appears that the couple, who appear like any normal suburb couple, may have done this in the past as well but they got away without anyone noticing this, observed TB Daily News.