'F**k Police, F**k Trump, Vote Jesus', Vandal in New Jersey Writes After Slashing 12 Police Car Tires

A 25-year old man damaged police property in Bergen County of New Jersey. It's not clear what exactly motivated him to act this way.

A 25-year old man in Bergen County, New Jersey, went berserk in front of a police department office on Friday. Mazin Musbah of Maywood decided to express his hatred of police and US President Donald Trump in a rather bizarre manner. He slashed 12 tires of police cars and left a note which said 'F**k Police, F**k Trump, Vote Jesus.'

When the police apprehended him, his explanation of his actions was that "the message needed to be sent and personally wanted to deliver the message." Apart from damaging tires and writing the above-mentioned profanities, he also defaced a police car by scrawling 'FU' on its hood. While the assault on tires was with a kitchen knife, the scratching of 'FU' on the car was done with a tire jack.

Police Car
Various police cars were damaged (file photo) Pixabay

This is the latest in a spate of incidents where the police forces in the US have been targeted, verbally or physically. The protests that erupted across US following the killing of George Floyd contained great vitriol against police forces. Some people went as far as to demand abolishing police altogether. It is not confirmed that Musbah belongs to the same tribe of protestors, as of now.

Reaction of Cops

The police department whose cars needed new tires belonged to the Saddle Brook PD. It was around 10 PM that Musbah indulged in his vandalism. The authorities are charging the culprit with criminal mischief as well as illegal possession of a weapon.

Anti-police sentiment has been present in protests following George Floyd's death (file photo) Twitter

Police Chief Robert Kugler gave out details of the incident and provided his reaction to the entire episode.

"As professional law enforcement officers we are designed to tolerate name calling and personal opinions of anti-police sentiment. But violence and property destruction should not and never will be tolerated," Chief Kugler was quoted as saying by the Daily Voice.

While the profanities targeting President Trump and police suggest that Musbah belongs to that radical part of society who have strong dislike of the country's leader and also think law-enforcement authorities are prejudiced, the mention of Jesus Christ is curious. Usually, there is strong overlap between devout Christians and supporters of right-wing politics. Yet, this person may be a rare case of someone who is simultaneously anti-Trump and pro-religion.