Fix for Google Pixel microphone problem might be in the wild with a revised hardware

Google, which has gone through hardware revision for with Nexus 4, has not given any statement regarding this matter.

google pixel

Following the Google Pixel massive microphone problems worldwide, it appears that a revised Google Pixel is in the pipeline, which might be able to fix the recent hardware issues that the phone was facing.

One recent Pixel owner in Europe noticed "Rev. B" printed on his new smartphone's retail packaging and posted it on Reddit.

Minor hardware revision is not a new thing in the case of smartphones. For Google, it has already happened with Nexus 4, which received a slight design change that added nubs to raise it on the flat surface.

In the case of Goggle Pixel's revision, it might have happened due to the microphone issue that was uncovered earlier this week, which caused all the three microphones of the device to fail. According to the authorities, it happened due to "a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec." It was also reported that issue may come and go based on the temperature and on how you hold the phone.

Now, this "Rev.B" behind the sticker of new Goggle Pixel device's retail packaging might just indicate a hardware revision that is likely to fix all these problems.

According to, Google has not yet replied to the queries asking for the confirmation.

This article was first published on March 13, 2017