Fitness Freaks! Follow These 5 World-Class Fitness Influencers for Amazing Workout Tips

These fitness influencers are great motivation on Instagram

Fitness awareness is at a peak in recent years. Everyone wants to be in great shape and in fabulous health. Netizens follow their favorite fitness influencers like gods, and why not? These influencers have worked hard to inspire millions to look like them. Top fitness influencers from Singapore are giving tough competition to the influencers from the rest of the geographical regions. Let us see who are these influencers who are raising the hotness quotient with their super cool fit bodies

Nicholas Joel Leon

Owner of the great physique, fitness model & personal coach Nicholas Joel Leon is one of the most popular fitness influencers from Singapore. The winner of Fitness 360 (2018) in the male category, is no less than any celebrity with 100k+ followers. His feed is full of step-by-step workout tips, and the right techniques. He also shares pictures and videos of his personal life. Anyone looking for some great fitness goal is bound to follow him. He can easily make any man jealous with his level of fitness.

Singapore- Nicholas Joel Leon

Devinn Choo

This young fitness trainer has it all to become one of the top fitness influencers. A fitness trainer by profession Devinn provides tips on great workouts and the right diet. He also burst many myths associated with fitness and diet. Devinn has whopping 89.5 k followers on Instagram. He is as good-looking as any top chocolatey hero and has an enviable physique. This could be the reason he has a massive number of female followers. He is definitely someone rising quickly as a top fitness influencer.

Singapore- devinn choo

Gregory Gan

Another dashing fitness influencer, Gregory is no less than a heartthrob celebrity. This professional gymnast and head gymnast coach's fitness could raise the room temperature. Gregory has represented Singapore in men's gymnastics for 15 years. He has 63k followers on Instagram. If you are interested in some super cool mobility, handstands, planche, and gymnastics workout he could be the perfect coach. His Instagram feeds are full of his super amazing flexible workout moves.

Singapore-Gregary Gan

Jason Chee

This personal trainer doesn't only take care of external fitness but coaches on men's mental health as well. This great-looking personal trainer and fitness influencer has 43k followers on Instagram, although his feed is full of his pictures during the workout, off late he has shown more concern for mental wellness as well. His recent post also talks about burning gender issues and stereotypes.

Singapore- Jason Chee

Preston Sim

The whole list consists of fitness trainers who are no less than any celebrity actor or personality, same is Preston Sim. His feeds are full of fitness and diet tips that include weight loss tips, Workout tips for beginners, workout motivation tips, and everything a hardcore fitness freak looks for. He could be the best Instagram motivation to work out and get in shape.

Singapore- Preston Sim
This article was first published on March 19, 2023