First look at working Samsung Galaxy S8 unit [VIDEO]

The videos show us the stunning design of Samsung Galaxy S8.

You have almost seen it, many times, you've definitely heard about its amazing specifications, you know it's coming and when; and yet we bet you haven't seen it this way, and now, not one, but two videos surfaced on the internet that show, for the first time, an actually working unit of a Samsung Galaxy S8.

One video was published by the MobileFun TV and another one by Slash Leaks. Although, the Slash Leaks' video to some extent represents a cleaner shot, but they are both worth a look.

One thing common between these tow short video clips are that they definitely make us appreciate the phone's stunning design. Its flowing curves wrap the massive curved display quite nicely. Unfortunately, in the first video, we can't get to see the back of the model, since they are covered in cases. Moreover, it is also revealed in the videos that there will be a significant difference between the S8 and S8 plus.

Meanwhile, the white variant of the second clip gives us a glance at the top bezel, which seems super small but incorporated with all sorts of sensors., including the iris scanner.

Both the videos confirm that the phone will indeed ditch hardware and capacitive keys for all good reasons and in that place will use a more streamlined software navigation bar.

While the "back" and "home" button key are given, the third key on the right may or may not be the "recent apps tray". The symbol might represent two apps in split screen mode. So yeah multitasking might just be the case. But that third key may, as well, be the shortcut for it's much talked about AI assistant Bixby.

For now, enjoy the beauty in the videos.

This article was first published on February 28, 2017