Final Destination? Terrifying Video Shows Plane Carrying 212 Passengers Erupting in Flames Mid-Air

An Atlas Air flight caught fire mid-air after suffering an engine failure shortly after taking off from an air force base in Hawaii.

In a scene reminiscent of the original 2000 horror-thriller "Final Destination," terrifying video footage shows an Atlas Air plane catching fire during a flight from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Guam on Saturday night.

The flight was forced to make an emergency landing after the plane's engine erupted in flames mid-air over Honolulu shortly after the military chartered Boeing 767 took off from Hickman Air Force Base.

Atlas Air fire
Cell phone footage shows the plane catching fire shortly after taking off from Hickman Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. Twitter

Video clips of the incident, taken by a passenger on board the flight, and a witness on the ground are now being circulated on social media. The cell phone-recorded footage taken by the passenger shows a pitch-black cabin that is intermittently lit up by the raging inferno on what appears to be the wing of the aircraft.

'Is It Going to Crash?'

A witness on the ground heard an explosion and spotted the plane "spitting out flames" from thousands of feet away. He then captured the footage on camera before sharing it on Twitter.

"Oh my god," someone can be heard saying repeatedly. "Is it going to crash?!"

"Did you see the fire come out of it," one person says to another in the clip. "I have the chills. That is so scary!"

Minutes after take-off, the pilot declared an emergency engine failure and safely returned back to the airbase. Fortunately, none of the 212 passengers on board were injured.

Air travel officials later confirmed that the plan experienced mechanical issues with one of its engines. Following the incident, Atlas Air released a statement announcing an inspection into the fire's cause.

'An Atlas Air passenger flight landed safely at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu following a mechanical issue with one engine. At Atlas, safety is always our top priority and we will be conducting a thorough inspection to determine the cause.' wrote Atlas Air. The incident remains under investigation.