Female Wisconsin Probation Officer Accused of Having Sexual Relationship with Man She was Supervising, Taking Off His Ankle Monitor to Continue Dating

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Andrea Winters Raether
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A Wisconsin Department of Corrections Probation Officer is facing sexual assault charges over an inappropriate relationship she had with a man she was assigned to supervise.

Andrea Winters Raether is charged with second-degree sexual assault by probation agent and misconduct in office; act with excess authority.

Raether Came Under Investigation After Someone Reported Her Unusually Close Relationship with Victim

Raether, who has worked for the Wisconsin DOC since 2020 as a probation and parole agent, came under investigation in 2021 after someone reported she may be having inappropriate conduct with a man under her supervision. The Adams County Sheriff's Office was called in to lead the investigation.

The reporting party told investigators Raether had been spending a lot of time with the victim and seemed to have an usually close relationship with him.

In 2021, the victim was arrested for a probation violation. During his time in jail, records show the two talked nearly every day. Their conversations were recorded and transcribed in the criminal complaint. Both are documented telling each other "I love you" and "I miss you" several times throughout.

Their phone call records show a conversation where Raether tells the victim that an investigator called her. She's quoted saying she's freaking out and scared.
During one conversation, court records show Reather even offered the victim to stay at her home with her and her husband when he was released.

Raether Seductively Told Victim She Had Thoughts About 'Being' with Him

When Raether met with an investigator, she denied ever having any sexual contact with anyone under her supervision. She stated she wouldn't do so because of "ethics" and "boundaries."

In 2023, the victim contacted investigators and told them he wanted to tell them the "truth." The victim stated when she was first assigned to be his probation officer, she asked him if he had feelings for her.

Court records show he asked her what she meant, and she asked him if he had ever had thoughts of "being" with his parole officer. He claims she then adopted a seductive tone and asked him, what if she told him she has thoughts about him.

Raether Took Off Victim's GPS Monitor So They Could Continue Dating, Encouraged Him to Use Drugs

According to the criminal complaint, the victim said their relationship turned sexual and they began dating. The victim claimed Raether warned if he told anyone, she could get him in trouble.

Raether is also accused of taking the man's GPS monitor off so they could continue dating without being caught. The complaint lists a time where the victim was reportedly stressed about keeping their relationship secret.

He told investigators Raether encouraged him to use illegal drugs for the stress instead of breaking things off between them. His roommate also told investigators he noticed Raether would occasionally do drugs with the victim.

Winters Raether was placed on administrative leave in 2021 after DOC officials said "it appeared she was in violation of their Fraternization Policy." She is expected to appear in court for the first time in November.