Female Pennsylvania School Security Guard Told Student She Had a Bet with Her Friends About Sleeping with Him, Gets Pregnant After Sexual Encounter

Alexis Brown
Alexis Brown Facebook

A McKeesport Area School District security guard is facing charges after she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a male student, police said.

This comes a month after allegations first surfaced that 24-year-old Alexis Brown, was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Brown Told Victim She Had a Bet with Her Friends Over Who Could Have Sex with Him First

Brown was arrested on Monday, Jan. 8, following an investigation that started in December. Police also searched Brown's home, where they found a stolen pistol. TribLive.com said Brown has been charged with "institutional assault, corruption of minors, unlawful contact with minors, and receiving stolen property."

As reported by WPXI, detectives said Brown contacted the victim on Facebook, telling him she had a bet with her friends over who could have sex with him first.

Brown Became Pregnant After Sexual Encounter with the Student

According to district solicitor Gary Matta, the relationship resulted in Brown becoming pregnant. "Unfortunately, as one of the board members said, there are things we can control and things we cannot control. What individuals do is on the individual," Matta said.

On Thursday, the McKeesport Area School District severed ties with the security company Homeland Intelligence and Protective Services on Thursday. The school board voted unanimously to accept the company's resignation.

While the district interviews replacement companies, Homeland will stay on for up to 60 days. In many cases, students will see no change in guards. "All of those guards have the appropriate certifications and approvals. We've reviewed all those. Our chief has vetted those to make sure they are accurate," Matta said.