Female Fort Myers Teacher's Aide Raped 12-Year-Old Student, Bribed Victim with Money and Expensive Gifts

Lauren King
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Last week, a Lee County school employee was charged for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 12-year-old student.

As reported by Fox 4 Now, Lauren King, 32, who worked as a teacher's assistant at Royal Palm Exceptional Center in Dunbar, was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior.

However, new details have emerged in a 28-page police report that detail the alleged relationship between the educator and her victim. The report, released Wednesday, alleges that King started texting the student January 28, 2024.

King Sent the Student Explicit Photos and Videos of Herself, Told Him to Delete the Messages

The report says she gave him her number, along with some key instructions: delete the text messages and she sent them. During those messages, police say she sent sexually explicit photos and videos of herself.

As time passed, King allegedly ask the student what he wanted for his birthday, and said she would bring him money. Though the date is not detailed in the report, it says King later met the student at an apartment complex and had sex with the student in the back of the car.

King Sent the Boy $235 for His Birthday, Bought Him an iPhone, 'Beats' Headphones and a Computer

Police say she told him not to tell anyone and bribed him. Detectives say King bought the child's silence by sending the boy $235 for his birthday, food and a hoodie. She also reportedly bought him an iPhone, "Beats" headphones and a computer.

The report says King tried to make the boy jealous, telling him she was engaging in sexual activities with other students.

After She was Caught, King told the Victim's Family 'She Would Quit and Leave the Area'

None of the allegations came to light until the boy's family members reported it to Fort Myers Police on March 3. He told them what happened, but police say a family member also called King after finding the boy texting her. King reportedly told the family to give her a week and "she would quit and leave the area."

King allegedly told the student that if they ever got caught, they would both get into trouble. She also said, according to the report, "if they ever go through your phone, you're getting arrested."

She was arrested on March 7 and is expected back in court on April 8.