Female Celebrities Lee Min Jung, Jooyeon and Hyomin 'Spotted' in Itaewon Club Partying

Celebrities claim the party was held in Chungdam-dong and not in Itaewon.

Lee Min Jung, Lee Jooyeon, Hyomin,
Korean stars Lee Min Jung, Lee Jooyeon, Hyomin along with others alleged of attending birthday party in Itaewon. Instagram

Top stars of Korean entertainment industry were spotted in a birthday party at a club in Itaewon despite lockdown orders and ban on public gathering, claimed a report in Sports Kyunghyang. The media outlet named actress Lee Min Jung, actress/former After School member Jooyeon, T-ara member Hyomin, former Olympic gymnast Son Yeon Jae, actress Kim Hee Jung among others who allegedly visited the club on May 9.

The issue has made headlines as the individual from Yongin who was identified as the 66th COVID-19 positive had visited clubs in Itaewon on May 9, the same day the birthday party was organized that was attended by many female celebrities. Later the virus was said to have spread to hundreds from the victim who had visited numerous clubs in Itaewon on that day.

According to Sports Kyunghyang, the party was organized to celebrate the birthday of the popular representative of the fashion industry. It was hosted privately at a café. Allegedly none of the attendees at the party wore masks, claims Sports Kyunghyang.

Agencies Say Party was not Held in Itaewon

So far agencies of former Olympic gymnast Son Yeon Jae and Lee Min Jung have reacted to the claims. Speaking about the party, Son Yeon Jae's representative said that the party was not held in Itaewon but in Chungdam-dong.

Lee Min Jung's agency also made similar claims. As she is a good friend with the host of the party, Lee Min Jung briefly attended the party to deliver the birthday gift and took a commemorative photo, the actress's agency said. Response from other celebrities who allegedly took part in the party is awaited.

The claim comes after KPOP stars Jungkook, Jaehyun, Cha Eun Woo and Mingyu were also accused of visiting Itaewon Clubs when lockdown was still effective. The stars have tested negative for COVID-19. But have been slammed for not practicing self-quarantine after the Itaewon Club saga and attending promotional activities, shoots later.

The respective agencies of all four stars have apologized for them attending two clubs in Itaewon.

Meanwhile, a petition has been submitted to the Blue House to strip BTS's Jungkook of Order of Cultural medal after the Itaewon club incident was reported. NTC's Jaehyun and ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo's handwritten apologies also have come under severe criticism by fans.