Female Bronx Judge Resigns After Getting Caught Texting Mother Involved in Her Case on Swingers App

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Judge Cynthia Lopez
Judge Cynthia Lopez (left) and an alleged screenshot of the judge's profile on 3Fun. Twitter

A Bronx family court judge is being accused of making advances on a swinger's app toward a mother involved in a case she's hearing.

Family Court Judge Cynthia Lopez has stepped down following allegations from a mother involved in a child custody dispute Monday, the outlet reported. The mother, Sidney Southerland, accused Judge Lopez of messaging her via a swinger's app, according to the New York Post.

Judge Lopez Messaged Southerland on the 3Fun Swingers App

Sidney Southerland
Sidney Southerland Facebook

The accusation was made public by Southerland through a TikTok video, which was also shared on X formerly known as Twitter. The post instantly went viral, prompting an investigation by city and state judicial authorities, the outlet noted.

The controversy began when Southerland reportedly received a message from a user named "Cynthia" on 3Fun, a platform known for connecting individuals interested in non-traditional sexual arrangements. Southerland, using her actual photo but under the pseudonym "Chyna" on the app, was reportedly taken aback by the advance, especially given the timing close to her upcoming court date.

The profile in question featured a woman in suggestive attire, reportedly identifying as bisexual and in search of partners for herself and her male partner, "Ant." The detailed description on the profile highlighted a preference for various body types and personalities, adding a layer of complexity to the allegations, the outlet reported.

Lopez was the Judge on Southerland's Custody Dispute Case

After receiving a message allegedly from the judge, the mother immediately replied. "Bitch, you know who the f–k I am," Southerland responded. However, Lopez allegedly blocked her, but Southerland reportedly managed to capture screenshots of the exchange and the profile, which she plans to use in filing a complaint. She expressed her disturbance over the incident, suggesting that her protracted custody battle might have been influenced by an ulterior motive from Judge Lopez, according to the New York Post.