Female boss makes sexual advances on male employee after she finds him on Tinder

A male employee was sexually harassed by his female boss after she spotted him on Tinder and she made sexual advances towards him while at work

As strange as it sounds, a female restaurant manager found one of her employee on the dating app Tinder and immediately took a screenshot of his profile and sent him a message saying "which way would you swipe for me." On the dating site Tinder, swiping right signals your interest in that person.

The employee, who works at a Moroccan restaurant faced unwanted sexual advances by his female boss after she spotted him on Tinder as she was ''touchy'' with him for more than two weeks. She brushed across him regularly while he was at work and commented on touching his muscles, prodded him in the side and also touched his back while flirtingly talking to him.

In his complaint, the employee also stated that his female boss had snapped at him right in front of the customers and other staff members and told him off for laughing while doing the dishes. He claimed that she personally rounded him up for not agreeing to her sexual advances.

Employee filed a sexual harassment allegation against the female boss

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Sick of being bullied, he went ahead and filed a sexual harassment allegation against his female boss to the Employment Relations Authority regarding her behaviour. He told the ERA that she also made other remarks "which insinuated she was keen on some form of sexual engagement with me."

After a thorough review of the situation, The ERA agreed the male employee had been sexually harassed at work by his female boss but said the General Manager had taken "fair and reasonable" action after the first he first complained to the company management.

On the bullying matter, the ERA found there was insufficient evidence of bullying and that some of what the employee considered bullying, was actually the female manager insisting he complete tasks that were part of his job description and summed it up that her actions had a "fair and reasonable process".